December 28, 2023

5 Fluted Panel Feature Wall Design Ideas Using Laminates

When it comes to elevating your interior design to one that is timeless yet elegant and versatile, your best option is the fluted panel. It offers the perfect blend of form and aesthetics that can add personality to any space at an affordable cost, especially when using laminates for your fluted panel feature walls.

Whether you’re a fan of geometric patterns or the warmth of nature-inspired textures, laminates have a wide selection to choose from that suits your aesthetics and creativity for a fluted panel feature wall. In addition to being a beautiful addition to any space, they are durable when used for a fluted panel feature wall.

Look no further if you’re looking for ideas for a fluted panel feature wall design. This article explores the various designs that fluted panels offer for your feature wall using laminates, elevating your space to the next level without breaking the bank.

What are Fluted Panels?


Fluted panels are architectural elements characterised by a series of vertical or parallel grooves or ridges. The design is often seen adorning feature walls for its classical yet contemporary designs that charm anyone who walks into the space.

While they are commonly made from wood plastic composites, fluted panel laminates have been a growing popular choice as you can choose from more than 500 different designs. Fluted panel laminates are a preferred choice as you can have the same design as the rest of your carpentry work, such as the feature wall. Plus, they are resistant to water, mould, termites and scratches.

Although its aesthetically pleasing design is what makes it an ideal choice for many, its versatility is also something that is appealing. It adds depth and sophistication to various spaces, harmonising classical and modern design characteristics with a play on light and shadows.

5 Common Fluted Panel Feature Wall Design Ideas


As fluted panels are versatile and timeless, they can be used as a feature wall design in any space you want, from commercial to residential spaces. It adds texture, depth, and a sense of sophistication, providing a tactile and visually appealing dimension to the overall aesthetic of a space.

Transform any space you wish with a fluted panel feature wall. To better understand what design ideas you can do with fluted panels, explore below how these five spaces interact with a fluted panel feature wall.

Living Room



JV1105M (Marble Wall) SQ1720T (Wood Fluted Panels)
Featured Laminates: JV1105M (Marble Wall), SQ1720T (Wood Fluted Panels)


Incorporating fluted panels as a feature wall adds a dynamic texture that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the living room. Consider the overall style of your living room and aim for a balance between the different elements in the room before deciding on the colours and textures of the panels.

Whether embracing a classic or modern theme, these panels provide a versatile canvas to enhance your living room’s atmosphere. Opt for vertical wooden fluted panel laminates for a warm, natural ambience or sleek metal laminates for a contemporary touch.

Dining Room


RR2855T (Green Fluted Panels) PG1535T (White Flooring, Cabinet)
Featured Laminates: RR2855T (Green Fluted Panels), PG1535T (White Flooring, Cabinet)


Elevate your dining room with the timeless sophistication of a fluted panel feature wall. Characterised by vertical grooves that add depth and texture, this design feature seamlessly merges classic charm with a modern flair.

Whether you choose crisp white laminates for a modern aesthetic or stained laminates in rich tones for a more traditional look, fluted panelling offers you various choices to enhance the ambience of your dining area. The fluted panels give the space a visually captivating backdrop for memorable dining experiences.



PQ6817ZL (Wood Fluted Panels) PA94FP (Grey Cabinet)
Featured Laminates: PQ6817ZL (Wood Fluted Panels), PA94FP (Grey Cabinet)


Transform your bedroom with the subtle elegance of a fluted panel feature wall. The vertical grooves offer both sophistication and tranquillity, while the gentle play of light and shadow on the textured surface adds depth, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Personalise your haven with a palette of soothing colours, embracing the versatility of fluted panelling to craft a dreamy retreat that offers you the utmost comfort. Having the feature wall as a headboard is ideal for framing the space better for comfort and aesthetics.

Home Office


PG1499T (Wood Fluted Panels), PS203TH (Green Cabinet)
Featured Laminates: PG1499T (Wood Fluted Panels), PS203TH (Green Cabinet)


The charm of fluted panel feature walls is that they are versatile and will elevate any space they’re in. Revitalise your home office with the touch of a fluted panel wall design, where the feature adds character and comfort to your home office.

Not only that, but it can also serve as a subtle backdrop for online meetings. If you decide only to add the feature wall in your home office, it’s also an excellent way to divide your working space with the rest of your home. Choose a neutral palette for a minimalist yet cosy ambience, or experiment with bold materials like metal laminates for a more modern look.



PG5883MT (Wood Fluted Panels), PG7807VF (White Cabinet)
Featured Laminates: PG5883MT (Wood Fluted Panels), PG7807VF (White Cabinet)


With a fluted panel feature wall design in your foyer, your guests will be captivated by the timeless grandeur as soon as they step into your home. The textured panels seamlessly blend classical and modern aesthetics, setting the tone for a stylish home.

Personalise your foyer to make it a transitional space that mirrors your style and aesthetic. Whether adorning the walls in a neutral palette for a refined look or opting for a bold hue to make a statement, fluted panel laminates create a memorable first impression for anyone who walks in.

Where to get quality wall laminate?


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