May 14, 2020

5 Tips On Creating A Productive Workspace

As most of us pack our office desks to prepare for an indefinite period of working from home, the sudden change of environment can cause you to be more lethargic and not as productive as you normally are in an office.

One obvious reason is because you are in your most comfortable place. Another reason could be because your home may not be the most conducive environment for you to be in the right frame of mind to complete your tasks efficiently.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we all might have worked from our dining table or used a cushion to rest our laptops to get away with last minute work or rushing out important tasks with a tight deadline. This might seem fine temporarily to get the work done but in the long term, you can easily lose your drive or patience to pack and unpack your office items every time you need to use the space for what it’s actually meant to be for.

A proper desk set-up is said to improve your productivity and if you implement some changes to your home office, it can even come in handy after the pandemic dies down as work cultures are constantly changing.

Here are some five tips on how you can create a productive workspace from wherever you are.

Clear your desk and have a clutter-free and cable-free workspace

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“A clean space makes a free mind”.

A smartly organised workspace promotes a great work life at home. You can make use of desk organisers to keep your stationery and chargers or purchase cabinets to store any other files or loose papers.

Messy and tangled cables can cause a distraction to your work as they take up unnecessary space on your desk which can cause you to lose focus. Stow them away in cable management boxes to keep them out of sight and out of mind.

Have as much natural light as you can 

The amount of lighting can affect your mood, emotions and how you go about your daily life. Natural light usually helps people feel more energised and engaged during their work. Hence, you should set up your workspace near a big window which allows the natural light to stream in.

If that is not possible, ensure that your space is well-lit and allows you to focus on your tasks. Adjustable work lamps are a good way to shine light on specific areas of your workspace without creating unnecessary shadows from bright lights at different locations.

Have the right chair and furniture 

A good work chair with proper support can help prevent back pain when you are working long hours at home. You can consider getting an adjustable desk to switch between sitting and standing while doing your work. This helps reduce the strain in your muscles caused by sitting down all day.

You can consider getting a sit/stand support to have a more flexible work position for you to exercise between sitting and standing so that you don’t cause more strain on your muscles.

An open posture where your arms and legs are uncrossed and relaxed, also gives you better circulation in your core muscles and is great for both body and mind. This puts you in a better position to think strategically and solve problems.

Opt for flexible furniture 

You can also consider getting multi-functional furniture like a laptop support or laptop stand to let you do your work in multiple locations such as your living room couch for a quick change of scenery, before heading back to your desk.

Make the space your own with decorations and accessories of the right colour

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Home workspaces should be inspiring and warm to empower you to feel creative when you work. If space is a constraint, be sure to choose workspace furniture colours that can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home furniture. This helps you to avoid any potential colour clashes and creates a clean and stylish workspace.

As seen in the picture above, decorating your shelves or working environment with green potted plants is one way to add a splash of colour and vibrance to an otherwise usually dull and sterile office space. Don’t be afraid to personalise your space, as after all, this is a place where you will be spending a lot of time working at. Your workspace holds the power to affect your moods and daily efficiency when completing tasks therefore, be sure to spend some time in making it the most personable for you to work comfortably at any time of the day.

Use laminates for a modern office design

Laminates offer outstanding quality, and a large array of options at an affordable price. As everyone has different design preferences, laminates give you an endless possibility of pairings from colour to textures, and offer the best long-term value proposition.

On top of that, laminates combines style and functionality. You can make use of contemporary laminate design trends to create an office space that is modern and motivational. Alternatively, you can use wood-like textured laminates to give a warm and sturdy setting to your workspace.

Jennings Laminates offers a wide range of designs, colours and even textures for you to choose from. It is an affordable way to change up the look and feel of your home while also maximising the utility of your furniture by having a very easy to clean surface.

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