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5 Ways to Redecorate your Home Post Circuit-Breaker

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As we gradually ease into the different phases post-circuit breaker, more businesses are re-opening and we can finally patronise some of the services we have missed or buy products that we have put on hold. 

This means that we can also put our plans into action and put together a list of things we might need to get in preparation for a new home makeover. To get you started, here are some ideas on how you can redecorate your homes by simply rearranging furniture or playing around with design elements to make your home look like a brand-new space. 

Rethink the layout 

It might feel overwhelming to change the layout of your entire house at the beginning, so narrow it down, and tackle it room by room. Observe the room’s current layout and point out any movable furniture that could look better at another angle or spot. 

Take note that it is not compulsory to shift every single piece of furniture, as some might be perfect as they are but you can try shifting the position or changing the angle to see if you can create a better combination with your room’s aesthetics. 

Revamp your balcony/patio 

As you are cooped up at home, home gardens and balconies provide a sense of fresh air in an enclosed environment. Take the time to tidy things up and clean or replace any old pots or furniture. Use the time now to de-grime your outdoor furniture with warm water and washing liquid. Check the condition of each furniture and take note of those that might need replacing. If the area is sheltered, you can also consider adding colourful rugs or floor pillows. You can also get creative by rearranging your plants or adding more decorations such as fairy lights or candles for a personalised and cosy setting. 


Change the design or accessories of spaces 

Consider improving the functionality of current living spaces such as the dining room or living room to include an additional feature like a workspace or a room to engage your hobbies. This can mean adding more indoor plants or decorating the space with souvenirs, knick-knacks or even art pieces. 

By adding a few personal touches, it enhances the existing decor and renews the perception of the space. It is also a way to include your own style and preferences into your living spaces. 


Clean up your space 

You should take the time to declutter your room and keep objects with sentimental value. This simple act creates an illusion of more space by appearing less cramped and messy with multiple objects that are fighting for attention. The cleaning process can also be quite therapeutic and lets you organise your things better, and clears your mind, thereby creating a more open environment. 


Integrate spring-inspired decorations 

Spring-inspired decor can include using pastel colours or floral patterns to brighten up the room and create a happy and positive vibe. You can integrate this design into cushions or rugs, and accentuate it even further by adding indoor plants in different corners of your room. This light-hearted feeling and design is much-welcomed during stressful times like this. 

A creative way to play around with the existing decor in your home is to use laminates.Jennings Laminates has a large variety of patterns and designs that can fit into any dream home’s aesthetic. Laminates are an affordable and easy way to change up designs and enhance the overall look and feel of your room without committing huge changes. It is also highly functional as it is easy to clean any light stains or accidental spills. 

View our entire catalogue for some inspirations for your home makeover post-circuit breaker!


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