July 8, 2024

Showcase of Style: Anti-Fingerprint Laminates in Modern Home Design

In the dynamic world of home design, where elegance meets everyday practicality, anti-fingerprint laminates are revolutionizing the way we style our living spaces.

These premium materials offer a blend of high-end aesthetic appeal and unparalleled functional benefits, making them a top choice for homeowners seeking both beauty, durability and ease of maintenance.

Designed to resist smudges and stains, anti-fingerprint laminates ensure that your home remains spotless and stylish, even under the rigors of daily use. Join us as we explore how these innovative surfaces can transform your home, from sleek kitchens to serene bedrooms and vibrant living areas.

Where to Use Anti-Fingerprint Laminates


Living Room


(Featured laminates: PA92FP [White]PQ6821ZN [Grey]PQ1067N [Wood])

PQ2532SM PG6820ZN PR1008ET PA91FP

(Featured laminates: PQ2532SM [Stone]PG6820ZN [Walnut] + PR1008ET [Limewash]PA91FP [Black])

In the living room, where style meets functionality, anti-fingerprint laminates are essential for maintaining a sleek and clean look.

These photos showcase TV consoles and feature walls elegantly designed with laminates that resist smudges and fingerprints. This innovative material choice ensures that even the most frequented areas, like entertainment centers, remain immaculate without the need for constant cleaning.

Whether you opt for a matte finish that absorbs light and reduces glare, these laminates blend seamlessly with any decor style. The durability and low maintenance of anti-fingerprint laminates make them ideal for busy family living rooms, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of your gathering space is always ready to impress.


PA95FP, PQ1097N

(Featured laminates: PA95FP [Cream] + PQ1097N [Wood])

PQ6802SM + PA98FP + CPW1228HG

(Featured laminates: PQ6802SM [Wood] + PA98FP [Grey] + CPW1228HG [Compact laminate table top])

Anti-fingerprint laminates redefine kitchen elegance by offering both style and resilience in areas prone to frequent use. Opting for these laminates in kitchens means less worry about stains and smudges marring the surfaces of cabinet doors and worktops.

Whether you choose the understated matte finishes that complement any contemporary design, these laminates stand up to the challenges of a busy kitchen. They maintain their sophisticated appearance with minimal maintenance, simplifying cleaning routines while enhancing the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

The unique properties of these laminates ensure that matte surfaces remain free from unsightly fingerprints, making them ideal for maintaining a pristine kitchen environment.


PA96FP + WPL9898RW

(Featured laminates: PA96FP [Grey] + WPL9898RW [Walnut])

PQ6817ZL + PA94FP

(Featured laminates: PQ6817ZL [Wood] + PA94FP [Grey])


(Featured laminates: PA93FP [Grey]PG1991V [Wood])

WP2992T + PA95FP

(Featured laminates: WP2992T [Walnut] + PA95FP [Cream])

These images exemplify the utility and elegance of anti-fingerprint laminates in bedroom environments. From wardrobes and study areas to integrated bed platforms and headrests, these laminates ensure that daily use doesn’t degrade the visual appeal of your furniture.

Their anti-fingerprint properties keep surfaces looking fresh and clean, minimizing the appearance of smudges and fingerprints which are often more visible in well-lit bedroom spaces. Whether you’re incorporating a dark grey desk or a wood-toned bed frame, the laminate’s resistance to fingerprints ensures that every piece retains its pristine condition with minimal maintenance.

This makes them especially suited for bedrooms where comfort and cleanliness contribute significantly to a tranquil atmosphere.

Other living areas

WPL5505T + PA90FP + JS7199T

(Featured laminates: WPL5505T [Wood] + PA90FP [Light grey] + JS7199T [Peach])

Demonstrating the adaptability of anti-fingerprint laminates, this photo features a living room wall shelf elegantly finished in light wood with light grey accents.

These laminates are perfect for areas that frequently host decorative items or everyday essentials, ensuring that the surfaces remain unblemished and attractive despite regular use. The anti-fingerprint feature is particularly valuable here, maintaining the shelf’s immaculate appearance and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

This example showcases how seamlessly these laminates integrate into living areas, supporting both functionality and style without the constant need for upkeep.

Benefits of Anti-Fingerprint Laminates

  • Durability: Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, these laminates are perfect for every room in the house, from the kitchen to the living room.
  • Low maintenance: The anti-fingerprint technology reduces the need for frequent cleaning, making these laminates ideal for busy households.
  • Aesthetic consistency: Maintain the beauty of your home’s interiors without the visual interruption of smudges and fingerprints.
  • Hygienic surfaces: Easier to clean and sanitize, these surfaces are optimal for maintaining cleanliness in your home, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where hygiene is paramount.

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Design Tips with Anti-Fingerprint Laminates

  • Harmonizing Colors and Textures: Match or contrast laminate colors and textures with existing décor to enhance or complement your home’s style.
  • Creative Installations: Consider innovative applications such as accent walls or decorative panels to introduce unique elements into your space.

Anti-fingerprint laminates combine enduring beauty with practical functionality, making them a superb choice for modern home renovations. By choosing these materials, homeowners can enjoy low-maintenance surfaces that do not sacrifice style.

Ready to upgrade your home with stylish and practical surfaces? Explore our collection of anti-fingerprint laminates. Visit our showroom or contact us today to discover the perfect laminate solutions for your home design needs.