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High-Pressure Laminates – What and Why

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Looking to renovate the surface of your house’s interior with laminates but unsure of which type of laminate to use and its suitability? Here are some things you should know about laminate sheets.

Manufacturing process

Laminate sheets can be manufactured in two ways – high pressure or low pressure. Depending on the pressure applied, the laminate sheets will appear to have different characteristics and durability. Before we dive more into high pressure laminates, let’s learn about low pressure laminates.

Low pressure laminates are commonly known as melamine boards, which comprise a single-wear layer and a single decorative sheet. These layers are then subject to low pressure but high temperatures to create a highly customisable laminate, making it less durable and more affordable than high pressure laminates. Due to its low durability, low pressure laminates can only be used for vertical surfaces or low traffic areas such as furniture, shelves, or low-usage offices. 

Compared to low pressure laminates, high pressure laminates (HPL) comprise multiple layers of kraft paper which are bonded together by melamine and phenolic resins. These layers are then subject to high pressure and high temperature to produce a single laminate sheet that not only looks good, but also has exceptional durability and impact resistant. Additionally, high pressure laminates are preferred by interior designers as it can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as high traffic areas such as furniture, kitchen counters, cabinets, etc. 

What makes HPL different from usual laminate sheets?

As new technologies continue to be introduced to create newer forms of the original plastic laminates, high pressure laminates can also be engineered to meet certain design requirements and its specific purpose. Known for its high level of durability and resistance, you might wonder what makes high pressure laminates so popular among interior designers. So, here are the properties that earned high pressure laminates its reputation.

  • Scratch and impact resistant – The outermost layer of high pressure laminates protect the inner layers from scratches and impacts whilst maintaining its colour and gloss longer than other materials. 
  • Infiltration and heat resistance – High pressure laminates’ hermetic character prevents water from infiltrating the inner layers, making it a stable product against environmental changes. As HPL is manufactured under high temperatures, it can withstand high environmental temperatures.
  • Hygienic properties – With high resistance to moisture and scratches, bacteria cannot proliferate on high pressure laminates, making it an antibacterial product. Additionally, its anti-static properties will reduce the accumulation of dust on the surface which makes it easier to clean.
  • Desired appearance – Compared to using real materials which can cost you more, high pressure laminates can be manufactured to imitate every aspect of the desired material such as colour, texture, finish and model, at a lower cost.

Usage of High Pressure Laminates

Thanks to the properties of high pressure laminates listed above, they are commonly used in various spaces to enhance the appearance while complementing its interior. The following are examples of where high pressure laminates can be found.

  • Home interior – As high pressure laminates can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, creating a feature wall in your home using laminate sheets will work to separate the space and draw attention to it.
  • Furnishings – There are times when you’ll need to improve the appearance of a piece of furniture such as the TV console. The good news is that this can be achieved by applying a suitable high pressure laminate to the hard and rigid furniture, thus changing the look entirely.
Laminate wall - high pressure laminate
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At Jennings Laminates, we offer a wide variety of laminate sheets, patterned or textured, giving you the real deal at a more affordable price. Among the types of laminates we have are technology-integrated surfaces, wooden, marble, industrial, fabric, patterns, and colours.

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