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2016/17 Humble Selections Catalog

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hands On Our 2016/17 Humble Selections Catalog!

There’s no need to break the bank to get your hands on top grade laminates! With the arrival of our 2016 / 2017 Humble Selections, your dream home need no longer be just a dream. From the diverse range of offerings to the endorsement by professionals and consumers alike, here are 4 very good reasons […]

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World’s first Hello Kitty high-pressure laminates

You’re not a true blue Hello Kitty fan until you have this in your home!

Here in Singapore, you’re not a true blue Hello Kitty fan unless you’ve endured hours of queuing to get your hands on a limited Hello Kitty plushie, taken part in a Hello Kitty themed marathon, or dined in Changi Airport’s latest Hello Kitty Cafe. Since launching its debut Hello Kitty . Jennings collection—a world’s first, […]

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Jennings First Ever TV Commercial

“Jennings?” First Ever TV Commercial & Instagram Giveaway!

With the rise of Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, and a host of other online streaming services available, the attention span of the modern day viewer has become a beast of its own. Commercials, once considered a necessary evil of television, has been drowned out by anything from a 5 minute Instagram break to a 5 second […]

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2016/17 Designers’ Catalog

4 Useful Reasons to Get Your Hands on Our 2016/17 Designers’ Catalog!

Since launching our 2016/17 Designers’ Catalog earlier this year, we’ve heard many good things from our fellow designers and homeowners – from the diverse selection of laminates we offer to the focus on offering both form and function. Here are some of their top favourites. 1. Wood, Glorious Wood Fans of the oaky aesthetic will […]

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Gallery: Mastic Micronesian Oak Laminate

Make a Statement with these 4 Laminate-Friendly Feature Walls

A feature wall can easily turn any room from ‘flop’ to ‘pop’. It draws the attention from an otherwise plain or small space with eye-catching designs, prints and textures that stand out from the rest. Wall Laminate – for their versatility, plethora of options, and reasonable price tags – are perfect for the job. Here […]

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Different laminates to choose from

5 Useful Tips to Help You Pick Out Laminates Like a Pro

While there are few things in life more exciting than being able to design your dream home, the process can often be challenging. Endless decisions, hidden costs, shoddy workmanship and frequent delays are just some of the many issues one might come across when undergoing a home renovation. Granted, picking out laminates may not be the […]

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Laminates from our Typologies collection

5 Reasons to Love Laminates

From the early days when they were merely used as simple decorative surfaces for table tops and kitchen counters, laminates have come a long way in becoming the go-to solution for all your interior design needs. Their implementation today has extended far beyond furniture and cabinetry, finding their way onto walls and bed platforms where they’ve […]

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World’s first Hello Kitty high-pressure laminates

Introducing the world’s first Hello Kitty high-pressure laminates!

Like it or not, Singaporeans have had a long-standing love affair with Hello Kitty. From snaking overnight queues outside McDonald’s to an entire marathon dedicated to Sanrio’s iconic character across Singapore’s skyline — and most recently, the world’s first 24 hours Hello Kitty Cafe that now calls Changi Airport home — our fellow countrymen have […]

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9 different laminates to bring out the best of your space

Laminates have risen in popularity over the years, and have quickly become a staple among the design community. However, with a plethora of options available in the market, picking the right one for your home can prove to be daunting at times. Here at Jennings, we’ve put together a range of laminates that are versatile […]

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