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How to keep your home maintenance-free

Featured laminates: PG9100MT (TV Cabinet), PG2809HG (Marble) Maintaining your house can be complicated as the materials used to build it may erode over time. Not only that, it can also be costly and a source of headache to ensure proper maintenance work. Here’s how you can keep your home almost free from maintenance and avoid […]

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6 tips for a child-friendly home

Featured laminate: PG7809VF (Woodgrain), RP2152T (Yellow), RR27T (Pink) Combining style and function to create a child-friendly home can be challenging, specially if you prefer a simple and uncluttered space. The serenity and simple beauty that comes with a minimalist interior often embody ‘less is more’. However, it can be challenging to achieve with the presence […]

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3 Tips To Care For Your Kitchen Cabinet

Featured laminates: PJ2257WY (Woodgrain), RP2192T (Dark grey) Kitchen cabinets are one of the few furnishings in your house that can be irreplaceable for a long time, provided that you take good care of them. Not only that, it’s where you cook up a scrumptious meal for yourself or your family, brew a cup of coffee […]

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Why Placing Laminates On Walls Is A Good Idea

Walls give us a sense of boundary and security. Not only that, but it also functions differently according to the building’s purpose. For a house, the walls define the shape while providing support to the floor and roof. It’s also a barrier which protects its residents from Singapore’s extreme weather. That said, have you ever noticed how […]

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Signs of Imminent Home Renovation

When you first bought the house, it was in a tip-top condition and required minor maintenance. It’s also a space which you’ve chosen to spend your days off and be yourself. You may have also used the space to interact with your family or friends on certain occasions. However, after years of living in the same […]

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High-Pressure Laminates – What and Why

Featured laminate: PG02HG (Kitchen cabinet) Looking to renovate the surface of your house’s interior with laminates but unsure of which type of laminate to use and its suitability? Here are some things you should know about laminate sheets. Manufacturing process Laminate sheets can be manufactured in two ways – high pressure or low pressure. Depending on […]

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Coloured laminates – light or dark?

When it comes to improving your home’s interior, you are more likely to focus on the furnishings and their arrangement, disregarding other aspects of your home’s interior. You might start questioning what you missed but let’s just say that the furnishings are not the only things that make a house look good. In interior design, there are seven elements – […]

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How to Make your Rental Property more Rental Friendly

Laminates Featured: White Cherry PG7809VF, Gold RP2152T, Gul Kurusu RR27T (Table) If you own a property that can be rented out in Singapore, it is one good way to make additional money alongside your regular day job. However, sometimes you may be struggling to find new renters due to a tough economy or competitive market. […]

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5 Tips to Create an Illusion of a Bigger Space

Staying home for an excessively long period can end up distorting the impression you have of your space.  In a small space, it is even more important to make every space count. Small rooms can feel confining but certain design concepts fool the eye and can make interiors appear much more spacious than they are.  […]

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