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Moodboards for laminates

4 Questions to Ask Your High-Pressure Laminates Company

We know, we know. It’s difficult to make decisions when trying to achieve your home #InteriorGoals. Though laminates can do the trick, it is choosing the right supplier that makes it a little tricky. Here are 4 things to inquire before deciding on a laminates supplier: How often do you release new products? via GIPHY […]

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Clean laminates using toothbrush

How to Clean Laminate Surfaces

Laminates are probably one of the greatest things to happen to human beings – interior-wise! They are beautiful, durable, affordable and they allow you to achieve your #InteriorGoals. Bonus points for being easy to maintain. Here are 6 hacks on how to clean and maintain laminate surfaces, so that it lasts longer! Cleaning Hack #1: […]

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Laminate showroom

4 reasons why you should visit a laminate gallery before renovating your house

“First impression lasts” as the famous quote goes. Making a good first impression can go a long way. Inviting people to your home is like inviting them on a first date. Materials you choose to decorate your interior represents you and your style, so choose wisely. In this day and age, there are many choices […]

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Luxurious interiors

Here’s how to achieve the look and feel of luxurious interiors with natural stone and wood themed Jennings laminates

Natural stones and wood on countertops, walls, and floors create a look of luxury and sophistication in any interior. This is because natural stones and good quality wood are hard to source. Natural stones are usually carved from stones in mountains, cut to a useable size, and polished without damaging their natural and often intricate […]

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5 Little Known Fun Facts About Hello Kitty – We’re Proud of #5!

Since the launch of our Hello Kitty laminate series in 2016, people couldn’t get enough of this ambassador of cute! We can’t blame you! Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by this adorable cat and her friends, and all the positive vibes they bring? A room decorated with Hello Kitty laminates can easily become anyone’s […]

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Just arrived: One of the softest natural wood grain matte finishes you’d lay your eyes on!

Are you ready to fall in love with wood all over again? One of the nicest things about wood is that they never go out of style. Wood adds a natural warmth to interiors across all design spectrum. Wood goes well in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom, and in just about […]

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Cloudy Marbel Laminate

Revamping Your Interior For Chinese New Year

Isn’t it great to be in a new environment this Chinese New Year? Cleaning is part of this festive tradition. But you can take it up a notch by using laminates to revamp the look of your house. Laminates create a distinctive feeling inside your room especially if bold colors are used. So, how can […]

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Black laminates

A home to love: Instantly create a sophisticated look for your home using black laminates

In home interior design, injecting a black design element needs to be carefully done so as not to create a dark, somber feel. How can you achieve a simple yet sophisticated look for your home using touches of black? With black textured laminates, this is possible. Check out these photos for inspiration!       […]

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Hello Kitty and Sanrio laminates from Jennings

ALERT: Cuteness overload! Introducing the world’s first Hello Kitty and Sanrio laminates from Jennings!

You just have to bring this home! Hi there, Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans! Think you’ve already stacked up on all things Hello Kitty? Think again! How about your very own Hello Kitty and Sanrio-themed home or shop? We hear ya! And we’re out to delight ya! In 2016, Jennings proudly unveiled the world’s first […]

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