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Signs of Imminent Home Renovation

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When you first bought the house, it was in a tip-top condition and required minor maintenance. It’s also a space which you’ve chosen to spend your days off and be yourself. You may have also used the space to interact with your family or friends on certain occasions.

However, after years of living in the same house, you’ve spent less time at home and stopped inviting people over, aside from using it as a space for you to rest at night. Chances are you’ve probably lived in the same house for far too long to know that it needs a renovation. 

So how do you know when your house needs a renovation? What are the signs that suggest your house is in need of a renovation? To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a checklist which suggests that you need to renovate your house.

Checklist for imminent home renovation

Fading wall paint

Your house’s appearance is easily affected by how you utilise the space, the weather and its surrounding temperature. As Singapore receives an abundance of sun and rain all year round, and not to forget strong winds, it’s not a surprise that your house’s wall paint may fade, peel or chip off over time. This may leave the interior and exterior of your home looking plain and boring. Additionally, fading wall paint accompanied by some cracks on the wall may imply that your house’s condition is slowly deteriorating as time passes.

Take the fading wall paint as a prompt to either repaint your house or create a feature wall with laminate sheets, giving it a fresh new outlook. Before that, be sure to scrape off the old paint and take a good look at your walls. If there are any cracks on the walls, be sure to fill them with a suitable filler. You don’t want any unwanted pest to build their home in there.

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Visible flooring problems

Depending on your housing developer, you may have tiled or wooden flooring. If one day you notice that your house’s flooring is coming off for some reason, you should take it as a sign to renovate your house and upgrade the flooring. You’ll also have the chance to transform one of the largest surfaces of your home, giving you a blank canvas to work on.

Imagine the amount of traffic that your house’s flooring has had to endure over the years, especially the kitchen and bathroom. These spaces are also susceptible to damages caused by moisture, wear, and stains.

If the grout lines on your kitchen floor tiles are wearing off, you may need to seal it regularly to avoid being harmed by the sharp corners. Additionally, you may want to consider covering the tiles with washable mats to maximise safety and comfort.

Outdated furniture design

There’s nothing wrong about keeping old built-in furniture with its outdated design. Besides, you may have purchased the house when simple designs were a trend. Perhaps, the housing developer wanted to compliment your purchase with simple and functional built-ins.

But over the years, your built-in kitchen cabinets may have years of water marks or oil splashes on them, causing their quality to detoriate overtime. Even if you clean them with soap and water, you may have exposed it to excessive moisture and heat, causing further damages to the cabinet.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen cabinet, it would be best to use materials that will protect them for a long period of time such as high-pressure laminates. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to transform the kitchen based on your needs and preferences for your comfort.

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Old-fashioned floor plan

Have you ever felt like your house is either too crowded or too spacious? Chances are that your house is in need of a renovation or reorganisation. This also depends on your house’s floor plan.

If your house feels crowded, you may need to reorganise the furniture to create a flow that connects the interior of your house with its exterior. Additionally, you may have to renovate the house and knock down some of the walls to create a space that connects two rooms with different functions. You’ll then have the freedom to rearrange your furniture as you see fit.

In its entirety, these signs may indicate that your house is in need of a renovation. If you’re looking to incorporate laminate sheets while renovating your home, Jennings has a wide collection to choose from. Just be sure to consult your interior designer about your choice of laminate for its suitability.

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