June 24, 2024

7 Trending Wardrobe Designs That Are Unique

Renovating your home or just looking to spruce up your bedroom? Say goodbye to boring and basic wardrobes and hello to unique designs that will transform your space.

We’ve rounded up seven trending wardrobe designs that are anything but ordinary.

Each design showcases the versatility and aesthetic appeal of high-pressure laminates (HPL), which can be used not only for wardrobes but also for TV feature walls, tables, shoe racks, shelves, kitchen cabinets, and more.

Let’s dive into these unique wardrobe ideas that are perfect for your home makeover!

1. Sleek and Modern with Matte Graphite Finish

RP2192T laminate

(Featured laminate: RP2192T [Graphite])

This wardrobe features a matte black finish, exuding a sleek and modern vibe.

Vertical grooves add texture and interest to the design, while integrated handles maintain the minimalist aesthetic. Matte finishes are a hot trend, offering a sophisticated look that is both contemporary and timeless.

The black color adds drama and elegance, making it a statement piece in any bedroom. The use of matte black HPL with subtle texture is not only stylish but also durable and easy to clean.

2. Pastel Pink with Woven Texture

PJ2251WY + PS206TH + PQ7718RT

(Featured laminates: PJ2251WY [Wood] + PS206TH [Pink] + PQ7718RT [Rattan])

The wardrobe features a delightful pastel pink color with rattan textured panels. Arch-shaped inlays give it a unique and stylish appearance, while soft colors create a calming and welcoming atmosphere.

Pastel colors are making a comeback in interior design, providing a gentle pop of color without overwhelming the space.

The woven texture adds depth and a tactile element, enhancing the overall design. The combination of pastel pink HPL and rattan texture HPL makes this design both charming and functional.

3. Integrated Storage with Natural Wood Tones

PS101TH + PQ1050N + PS129TH

(Featured laminates: PS101TH [Rose] + PQ1050N [Wood] + PS129TH [Terracotta])

This design incorporates natural wood tones, creating a warm and inviting look.

Integrated shelving and drawers provide ample storage without sacrificing style. Clean lines and minimalist hardware keep the design sleek and modern.

Natural materials are always in vogue for their timeless appeal and ability to create a cozy environment. This design combines practicality with beauty, using wood grain HPL for a natural look and matte finish HPL for a contemporary touch.

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4. Elegant Medium Wood and Matte Grey Finish


(Featured laminates: PA93FP [Grey], PG1991V [Oak])

This wardrobe design features medium wood tones with a fluted medium wood panel attached to a makeup table using the same laminate color.

An open shelf with a dark grey matte finish laminate adds functionality while maintaining a cohesive look. The fluted panel adds texture and visual interest, making the design stand out.

The dark wood and grey tones create a sophisticated and calming atmosphere, perfect for a minimalist yet elegant bedroom setup. The combination of these laminates provides a modern, stylish look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Classic Elegance with Woven Details

PS104TH + PQ7718RT+ PS126TH+ PQ1090N

(Featured laminates: PS104TH [Cream] + PQ7718RT [Rattan] + PS126TH [White] + PQ1090N [Walnut])

This wardrobe design combines classic elegance with modern functionality. The wardrobe features white doors with rattan textured panels that add a touch of sophistication.

The use of arch-shaped inlays enhances the overall aesthetic, giving it a unique and refined look. The dark wood accents on the bed frame and the makeup table complement the woven texture, creating a cohesive and stylish bedroom design. This design is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of traditional and contemporary elements in their home decor.

The woven texture not only adds visual interest but also brings a tactile quality to the design, making the wardrobe doors a focal point in the room.

The combination of white and dark wood tones creates a balanced and inviting atmosphere. This wardrobe design is a great example of how high-pressure laminates can be used to achieve a luxurious and timeless look while providing practical storage solutions.

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6. Natural Elegance with Textured Panels

PQ7719RT, PQ3770SM

(Featured laminates: PQ7719RT [Rattan], PQ3770SM [Wood])

This wardrobe design embraces natural elegance with its combination of medium wood tones and textured panels.

The wardrobe doors feature arch-shaped woven inlays, adding a unique and sophisticated touch. The seamless integration of these elements creates a harmonious look that enhances the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. The design maximizes storage space while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. The use of natural textures and tones provides a calming and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for contemporary homes.

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7. Cozy Rustic Charm with Modern Accents


(Featured laminates: PS127TH [Blue] + PQ7720RT [Rattan] + PQ6810SM [Wood])

This wardrobe design blends cozy rustic charm with modern accents, featuring dark framed woven panels that add texture and warmth.

The combination of dark frames and natural rattan textures creates a striking contrast, giving the wardrobe a unique and sophisticated look.

Open shelving units on the side provide additional storage and display space, enhancing the functionality of the design. The natural wood tones of the furniture and the woven details bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the bedroom, making it an inviting and stylish space.


Whether you’re renovating your home or simply updating your bedroom, these trending wardrobe designs offer a range of styles to suit any taste. High-pressure laminates are a versatile and durable choice, providing endless possibilities for creating beautiful and functional spaces. Embrace these unique wardrobe designs and transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary.