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Featured Wood Laminate PG1499T - Jennings

5 Decor Tips To Achieve The Muji-Style Aesthetic

The Muji aesthetic is based on minimalism in design and quality in living. This involves clearing your home from too much clutter but also achieving a sense of balance so that your homes do not appear too dull and empty.  Here are five tips on how to achieve that minimalist look while maintaining a clean […]

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Wood Laminate Murelo Elm PG5880MT-Ceruleo-RR2871T - Jennings

5 Tips On Creating A Productive Workspace

As most of us pack our office desks to prepare for an indefinite period of working from home, the sudden change of environment can cause you to be more lethargic and not as productive as you normally are in an office.  One obvious reason is because you are in your most comfortable place. Another reason […]

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