December 18, 2023

5 Laminate Tricks to Unlock Scandinavian Elegance in Your Home

More and more people have been opting for the minimalistic and cool Scandinavian interior design style for their homes, especially in Singapore. The simplicity of Scandinavian aesthetics attracts many types of homeowners due to its many design options for various spaces, whether small or big.

Using laminate sheets is one simple way to incorporate the Scandinavian aesthetic into your home. Laminate sheets offer various styles, designs, colours, and textures that can help create the Scandinavian home of your dreams.

Look no further if you’re looking into how laminates can help make your home into a Scandinavian sanctuary. In this article, we have gathered the top 5 laminate tips and tricks to unlock the Scandinavian elegance in your home.

What is the Scandinavian Aesthetic?


Scandinavian Style - PS212TH + PG1138SM + CPW1218HG
Featured Laminates: PS212TH (Green), PG1138SM (Wood), CPW1218HG (Compact Laminate)


Originating from Nordic countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the Scandinavian aesthetic has been around since the 1950s. It is described as minimalistic, simple, functional, and nature-inspired. Despite how long the interior style has been around, it continues to be the popular choice among the younger generations when it comes to styling their new homes.

The key features of the Scandinavian aesthetic are natural elements and textures, like wood and stones, a white and neutral colour palette, and natural light to present a bright, cosy, and airy space. One affordable way to do so is by incorporating laminates that feature these characteristics into your home.

Additionally, using various nature-inspired elements, from shapes to textures, even a small home can feel bright and spacious when styled right and with purpose. This is why new homeowners are attracted to the style, as it gives an inviting sense of openness without compromising on space and costs.

By using various nature-inspired elements, from shapes to textures, even a small home can feel bright and spacious when styled right and with purpose. Furthermore, it emphasises functional and simple designs, where natural elements provide a sense of connection to nature and cosiness.

5 Laminate Tricks to Transform Your Home


Scandinavian Design - PK053CT + PQ7718RT + WPL2917S
Featured Laminates: PK053T (Cream), PQ7718RT (Rattan), WPL2917S (Stone)


The Scandinavian aesthetic will never fade with time, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to transform your forever home. It adds texture, brightness, spaciousness, and functionality to any space, no matter how big or small.

Laminates are a great feature to use when you start to style your home with the Scandinavian aesthetic in mind, whether on walls, floors, or even furniture. To make an informed decision when designing your home, here are 5 tips and tricks to transform your home into a Scandinavian dream house with laminates.

Select a Neutral Palette


A neutral colour palette will pop into your mind when you think of the Scandinavian style. It sets the style apart from other interior designs, where hues of greys, whites, browns, greens, and blacks are often featured in various aspects of a space to foster an airy and uncluttered ambience.

When selecting laminates for your home, opt for a neutral palette to craft a Scandinavian-style home that embodies the simplicity and tranquillity of the aesthetic. The neutral backdrop imparts a sense of cohesion, amplifies natural light, and allows key design elements to shine, contributing to the overall warmth and inviting atmosphere synonymous with Scandinavian design.

Incorporate Patterned Laminate


Incorporating patterned laminate, especially nature-inspired ones, is the key to achieving a Scandinavian home. It adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to a space, especially when used as a feature wall.

These laminates often feature subtle geometric patterns or nature-inspired motifs, enhancing the overall ambience. By integrating these laminates into your home decor, you effortlessly combine the timeless charm of the Scandinavian aesthetic, characterised by simplicity, functionality, and a harmonious connection to nature.

Choose Light-Coloured Laminate


Choosing light-coloured laminate for your home is essential in achieving the coveted Scandinavian aesthetic. Light hues, such as pale oak or ashy tones, contribute to Scandinavian design’s signature bright and airy ambience. 

These laminates reflect natural light, enhancing the sense of spaciousness. For example, opting for light-coloured laminates for your floors in a small space will give the illusion of more space. Additionally, the light colours seamlessly integrate with other minimalist furnishings and neutral palettes, which are the hallmark features of this style.

Add Texture for Warmth


Using textured laminates in your interiors is a transformative method to infuse warmth and depth to create a Scandinavian-style home. Textured laminates offer a tactile appeal with natural wood grain or stone-like textures that effortlessly evoke a sense of cosiness and connection with nature, which is the essence of Scandinavian design.

The subtle textures in laminates add depth to surfaces, creating a welcoming ambience reminiscent of Nordic aesthetics. By incorporating textured laminate, you not only enhance the visual appeal but also introduce a tactile dimension that echoes the comforting essence of Scandinavian design, making your home a haven of warmth and modern elegance.

Optimise Small Spaces with Laminate


The Scandinavian aesthetic is a fantastic design choice for small homes or spaces, as it offers the illusion of spaciousness. Maximise small spaces in your home when you opt for light-toned laminates like white oak patterned to brighten the room and visually expand it.

Additionally, you can add nature-inspired and neutral-toned laminates to your furniture in the same space for a clean, uncluttered, and harmonious look. For example, consider built-in storage solutions with laminates to maintain order while saving space, as one of the elements of the Scandinavian aesthetic is not to compromise functionality for style. By strategically using laminates, you can achieve a spacious, stylish, and distinctly Scandinavian feel in your compact home.

Where to get Scandinavian Laminates in Singapore?


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