December 8, 2023

Explore How Laminates Cultivate a Tranquil Japandi Style Home

If you’re a fan of serenity and tranquillity found in many modern minimalistic interior designs, you will definitely be a fan of the Japandi interior design style. The unique aesthetic of Japandi is an artful marriage of two design philosophies, Japanese and Scandinavian designs, that focus on creating a harmonious living space that embodies serenity and natural beauty.

To highlight the calm and balanced aesthetics of Japandi, incorporate laminates into your home and discover their versatility to cultivate a tranquil and elegant Japandi home. In this article, explore how laminates, from muted colour palettes to clean-lined patterns, seamlessly integrate the Japandi principles into your home, transforming it into a haven of tranquillity.

Understanding the Japandi Style


Japandi Interior Design PQ7703SM
Featured Laminate: PQ7703SM (Wood)


As the name suggests, Japandi merges two popular interior design aesthetics, Japanese and Scandinavian, into one. It takes the functionality, elegance, and contentment of the Japanese aesthetic and the Scandinavian aesthetic that embraces comfort, cosiness, and warmth to create a sophisticated yet functional home.

This East-meets-West aesthetic focuses on a more minimalistic approach to interior design with elements of nature, warmth, sophistication, and functionality without being too overpowering or sterile. It incorporates interior elements that are neutral-coloured and organic to replicate the warmth of nature.

The Japandi aesthetic is attractive for first-time homeowners as it offers an impressive interior style and choices without compromising space. An easy way to start creating a tranquil Japandi home is by incorporating simple, neutral-coloured, and nature-inspired laminates, as they offer what Japandi essentially stands for: warmth, nature, and sophistication.

How to Cultivate Japandi Style in Your Home with Laminates


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Featured Laminates: RR2877T (Brown), PJ2252WY (Wood), PG2848ST (Industrial)


The Japandi aesthetic hugely focuses on the functionality of a home while still offering warmth, comfort, and elegance to create a tranquil home. With laminates, you can easily cultivate the Japandi style in your home as they are versatile – you can use them on walls, furniture, and countertops – and offer a wide variety of options.

If you’re looking to start somewhere in crafting a Japandi-style home, read more on how laminates can help you create the Japandi haven of your dreams.

Clean and Simple Design

Incorporate clean and simple laminate designs into your home to cultivate the Japandi aesthetic. The idea is to keep your home aligned with the foundation of the Japandi style, which is to focus on simplicity and cleanliness that will offer a sense of spaciousness and tranquillity.

For example, you can opt for clean and simple designed laminates as the canvas of your home, applying it on walls to create a simple harmony in your home. Not only does it offer a harmonious connection in your home, but it can also allow other complementary colours and textures to stand out more.

Balanced Contrast

Alongside clean and simple laminate designs, you can also create a balanced contrast with different laminate colours or textures. As the Japandi aesthetic features the brightness and simplicity of the Scandinavian aesthetic and the texture and sophistication of the Japanese aesthetic, creating a contrast between the two elements is key to creating a Japandi home.

When you opt for clean and simple design laminated walls, consider choosing darker wood grain laminates for your furniture to achieve a balanced contrast in a Japandi-style home. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different laminate textures, colours, and natural elements to create a modern, harmonious feel.

Natural Light Emphasis

Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics emphasise nature, including using natural light to help make a space feel more tranquil yet modern. With laminates, natural light in your home can further emphasise its airy and calm environment.

Aside from ensuring minimal clutter and no windows are blocked, take one step further by choosing lighter neutral-toned laminates for your walls, furniture, or tabletops to enhance the natural light in the space. The light-coloured laminates help reflect the natural light in the room, opening up the space to be warmer, brighter, and more spacious.

Incorporate Wabi-Sabi Elements

When creating a Japandi-style home, you must be careful in choosing every aspect of your home, as too many clean and simple designs may come off as too cold and stifling. To remind yourself of what Japandi stands for, incorporate wabi-sabi elements into your home.

To infuse wabi-sabi elements into laminates for a Japandi-style home, opt for muted and earthy tones, organic lines, and natural textures in laminates. Wabi-sabi emphasises the beauty of natural imperfections, so look for laminate finishes that replicate the weathered and grainy textures of wood or stone.

Natural-Textured Materials

Throughout the article, it has been emphasised several times that the best way to create a Japandi home is to add natural-textured laminates. While many choose wood or stone-textured laminates, you can also consider rattan, bamboo, marble, or paper-textured laminates.

The emphasis on natural-textured materials is because this simple feature is the best way to add the warmth, simplicity, and sophistication of a Japandi-style home. It helps make your home feel not only tranquil but also welcoming.

Where to get Japandi Style Laminates in Singapore?

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