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How to Make your Rental Property more Rental Friendly

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Laminates Featured: White Cherry PG7809VF, Gold RP2152T, Gul Kurusu RR27T (Table)

If you own a property that can be rented out in Singapore, it is one good way to make additional money alongside your regular day job. However, sometimes you may be struggling to find new renters due to a tough economy or competitive market.

This could be due to a plethora of reasons. Your property might not have anything which stands out, or might appear unkempt or cold and not welcoming. Here are some tips on how to make your rental property more appealing and rental-friendly.

If it is a holiday season, you can even spend a few dollars on outside decor to set a positive mood when potential tenants come to visit.

 Create a good first impression 

Ensure that the property looks good from the outside. If a potential tenant thinks that the rental looks hideous, they will not even take the time to consider anything else before moving on. You want to set a positive tone from the beginning and take some time to tidy up the exterior area to make it appear more welcoming.

If your property has a garden or a lawn, ensure to declutter the lawn, rake any fallen leaves or mow it down so that it appears neater. You should also remove any trash or recycling bins and have them out of sight. You can consider adding some flowers or shrubbery to brighten up the lawn with some colors and create a more pleasant impression.

Thoroughly clean the apartment

White Wood Laminates Singapore - Jennings
Laminates Featured: Natural Oak WPL1802T(Bottom Cabinet), Etain PK078CT (Top Cabinet)  

This may appear like an obvious thing to do but given how you might be busy with a day job and other commitments, your property may have been empty for a long while and has accumulated a large amount of dust.

Be sure to clean all the windows and doors, and sweep and vacuum the floor, corners and other small spaces. Check for any cobwebs or insects and address these problems before potential renters arrive. You can even engage a pest exterminator to conduct a thorough flush out programme and assure potential renters that it is a safe and good investment to live in long-term.

 Check if any repairs are needed 

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Laminates Featured: Saratoga Cream PQ1077N, Fog RP2108T, Matt Black JA2110T  

Some tenants are meticulous when it comes to the home that they want to rent. Ensure that all the basic house equipments such as doorknobs, drawers and cabinet pulls, electrical sockets or light switches work perfectly. If you have any loose electrical sockets, you might want to cover it temporarily for safety reasons. Always ensure that your property is child and pet-friendly.

If your property has any furniture or appliances, ensure they are in good condition; clean, working and safe to use. If there are any damages or obvious stains by previous tenants, it will be advisable to either try to clean or fix the damage, or replace it with a new one. If you cannot afford to replace it in time, it is best to eliminate the said defective furniture. An apartment with no couch is still more appealing to most people than one with an unkempt and smelly couch.

Decorate and spruce up the home decor

Dark Wood Laminates Singapore - Jennings
Laminates Featured: Saratoga Cream PQ1077N, Fog RP2108T, Matt Black JA2110T

You can consider adding a fresh layer of paint to spruce up any home or opt for a modern and easy to apply method of using wood grain laminates to enhance your home interior.

Wood grain laminates come in a variety of colours and finishes. You can choose from light to dark or even on-trend grey for the colours of this design. It is an easy way to mix tones and plank widths for a focal-point design and add texture and realism to your interior.

For instance, by choosing light-tone wood-grain laminates, you can achieve a spot-on casual and contemporary look to your apartment and make it more inviting for potential tenants. Laminates are also highly functional and its surface makes it easy to remove stains to keep the apartment clean and well-maintained.


Making your rental property more attractive takes just a little extra time and effort. Jennings Laminates offers affordable, high quality laminates that will make your property look its best. With a large variety of patterns and designs to choose from, you can mix-and-match various finishes to help elevate any apartment’s appearance and add to its aesthetic.

View the entire laminates catalogue for some inspirations on how to make your rental property more appealing!

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