April 22, 2024

6 Principles to Follow to Nail the Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian interior design – the cool cousin in the design family who’s got everything figured out, from nailing the perfect cup of coffee to effortlessly making their living space look like it stepped out of a design magazine.

If you’ve been ogling at those airy, bright spaces filled with beautifully crafted furniture and wondered, “How do I get my place to look like that?” you’re in luck.

Today, we’re diving into the 6 principles that form the backbone of the Scandinavian design philosophy, perfect for anyone looking to renovate their homes with a touch of nordic charm. And guess what? It’s all about embracing simplicity, functionality, and those cozy vibes that make you want to snuggle up with a good book.

1. Simplicity


(Featured laminate: PQ7710SM [Wood])

First off, Scandinavian design is all about keeping things simple and uncluttered.

This doesn’t mean your space should feel sparse or cold; rather, it’s about choosing well-crafted, functional pieces that serve a purpose and look good doing it. High-pressure laminates, with their sleek, wood-looking finishes, can add that clean, minimalist touch to your TV feature walls, tables, or shelves, enhancing the space without overwhelming it.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

2. Wood Elements

PQ1067N + RP103T CPW1208HG

(Featured laminates: PQ1067N [Wood] + RP103T [White], CPW1208HG [Compact laminate])

Wooden accents are the soul of any Scandinavian-inspired sanctuary.

Favoring light, natural woods like pine, ash, beech, and even white-washed oaks bring the essence of the outdoors inside. These materials aren’t just choices; they’re statements that celebrate light and spaciousness. And for a twist? Introduce wicker or rattan. These textures maintain the wooden warmth while adding a touch of variety, keeping the space interesting and lively.

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3. Neutral Colors

PQ7019SM + WPL2917S

(Featured laminates: PQ7019SM [Wood] + WPL2917S [Minerals])

A neutral color palette forms the base of any Scandinavian-inspired home, accented with pops of earthy tones like blues, greens, and browns. This approach creates a calm, balanced space that’s easy on the eyes.

High-pressure laminates come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to achieve this look effortlessly, whether it’s through a feature wall or subtle shelf accents.

4. Functional Storage


(Featured laminates: CPB1232GL [Light Wood], PJ1131SM [Wood])

In Scandinavian design, there’s a strong emphasis on practicality, particularly when it comes to storage.

The goal is to maintain that clutter-free, minimalist look without sacrificing functionality. High-pressure laminates offer an excellent solution here, as they can be used to create sleek, durable storage units that blend seamlessly into your decor. Think wall-mounted shelves, discreet cabinets, or multi-functional pieces that serve as both storage and stylish decor, all crafted with the refined finish of quality laminates.

5. Furniture

PK057CT + PQ1088N + WP2991T


(Featured laminates: PK057CT [Cream] + PQ1088N [Light Wood]  + WP2991T [Dark Wood])

When we talk about Scandinavian style, the mantra is “simplicity rules.”

Furniture pieces boasting rounded edges not only add a contemporary flair but also keep the design uncluttered and sleek. Tapered legs and straightforward shapes are the unsung heroes that amplify the sense of space and light, essential to the Scandinavian ethos.

Opting for a modern furniture style elevates the look, like the iconic Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner, which becomes a statement piece in living or dining rooms. And for those who lean towards a more avant-garde Scandinavian vibe, a ghost chair can subtly shift the traditional boundaries, offering a nod to modernity while staying rooted in simplicity.

6. Contrast

PG7804VF + PQ2807SM

(Featured laminates: PG7804VF [Wood] + PQ2807SM [Terrazzo])

While the Scandinavian aesthetic often leans towards a canvas of light, soothing shades, introducing contrast through design rather than bold color can offer a refreshing twist.

The speckled charm of Terrazzo, with its playful yet understated palette, provides just the right amount of visual intrigue without overwhelming the serene vibe.

This unique material brings a delightful contrast through its texture and composition, standing out against the minimalist backdrop. Terrazzo not only adds a layer of depth and interest but also weaves in a tactile element that invites curiosity and warmth, perfectly harmonizing with the light and airy essence of Scandinavian design.

Embracing these principles of Scandinavian interior design can transform your home into a haven of simplicity, functionality, and natural beauty. Whether it’s through the strategic use of high-pressure laminates or the thoughtful selection of furniture and decor, remember that the ultimate goal is to create a space that feels good to live in – one that’s not just stylish but also enhances your everyday life.

So go ahead, let your home be a reflection of that cool, nordic charm that makes Scandinavian design so beloved around the world.