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Authentic Wood Grain Laminate in Singapore

  Featured laminates: WPL2906S (Woodgrain), RR21T (Military Green) Have you ever wanted to incorporate wooden elements into your home, but you’re concerned about the cost? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a better alternative for natural timber – wood grain laminates. Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, wood grain laminate is produced to mimic the texture, colour, and […]

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The World of Wood Laminate

Wood has long been an element that’s loved by many. Its traditional, timeless, and beautiful design makes it a highly sought-after material by design experts. With so many varieties available in terms of colour, grain pattern, and texture, there’s a look to suit every taste. As a result of its versatility, wood has been a […]

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Why Choose High-Pressure Laminate?

Did the colour and design of the interior pictured above pique your interest? If it did, you’ll be glad to know that you too can achieve such a look for your home as the walls are covered with patterned high-pressure laminates (HPL). What is High-Pressure Laminate? Touted as one of the most used materials in interior […]

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Modern Marble Laminates

Since ancient times, humankind has had an ongoing love affair with all things marble, especially when it comes to interior design and home décor. Up till today, the use of this luxurious material shows no sign of waning. Thanks to modern technology, everyone including you can now have marble elements in your home without the […]

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Makeover Your Old Laminate Cabinets

Featured laminates: PQ1076N (Woodgrain), JA2110T (Black) When it comes to updating the look of your home, some people will either choose to replace their furniture or maintain them by giving a makeover. However, there is certain furniture that can be tricky to replace or makeover, and that is a laminated cabinet. Over the years, you […]

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Is Painting Over Laminate Surface a Good Idea?

Featured laminates: RP2100T, RR2855T, RP2189T, EA338T (From top to bottom) Laminates are a common finish for many surfaces (think TV consoles, cabinets, and shelves). However, these surfaces are susceptible to wear and tear which may look outdated over time. Unlike solid-surface materials that can be sanded down to diminish the flaws, laminates are composed of multiple […]

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Styling Your Home With Marble Laminate

 Featured laminate: PG2931HG (Marble) When it comes to styling your home with marble, be it a marble feature wall, countertop, or kitchen cabinets, the marble details can prove to be very charming as it adds a sophisticated look when it’s done right. Aside from adding instant glam to your home, marble is among the most expensive […]

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Choosing Different Laminate Textures For Your Feature Wall

  Featured laminate: PK039CT (TV Cabinet) Take a look around your house. You’ll notice that laminates are commonly used on tables, kitchen cabinets, and any wooden furniture. The use of laminates isn’t limited to only home furnishing, but can also be applied on your house walls to enhance the appearance of your home. One way […]

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3 ways to maintain white laminates

Featured laminates: PQ1333LT (White Cabinet), WPL5599T (Wall) As white laminates make its way into Singaporean homes, many homeowners are wondering about how to keep their homes looking spotless. While the best way to maintain that sparkle is to never use the space, such action is unthinkable as it’s a place for you to relax or […]

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