November 30, 2022

Re-Laminate Over Existing Laminate Cabinet

For many of us who cook, spending considerable time in the kitchen is an everyday occurrence. It’s where we tryout multiple recipes and present them to our loved ones in hopes that they’ll enjoy the dish.

However, after so much cooking and exposure to constant heat and moisture, you will find that the surface laminate in your kitchen is wearing out, leading to unappealing sights such as peeling edges or stained spots.

You may have considered replacing your laminate cabinets but don’t have the budget to do so. Thankfully, you have options that don’t involve a pricey kitchen renovation, including laminate resurfacing. Here’s what you need to know about re-laminating your kitchen.

Can I Re-laminate Over Existing Laminated Cabinet?  

Yes, you can re-laminate over the existing laminated cabinet. This is because laminate resurfacing is a process where the existing laminate surface is sanded down, and then a new layer of laminate is applied to the surface.

There are many homeowners like you who wish to maintain their kitchen cabinets. While most cabinets are made from quality laminates, over time, the surface of the laminate will start to show the effects of wear and tear. Thus, the need to resurface.

The key to successful re-lamination is to use high-quality laminates. A good quality surface laminate will not only last longer but also look better in the end because it provides a more durable and less porous surface for you to work on.

What Does it Mean to Re-laminate Your Cabinet?

Laminate resurfacing is the process of giving new life to a laminated cabinet by applying a new surface laminate. This process is also known as re-laminating or resurfacing. It can be done by resurfacing the existing one with a new layer of protective surface laminate.

While laminate resurfacing may seem simple, it requires a professional laminate installer also known as carpenter to do the job to ensure the best results. You need to select your new laminate design with a laminate supplier in Singapore and find a carpenter to re-laminate your cabinet.

How Does Laminate Resurfacing Work?

Resurfacing your laminate cabinets is a process that restores the appearance of a laminate surface. It can be done on any laminate surface, and in just about any colour.

The process involves the removal of the old surface, cleaning and de-greasing the substrate, applying adhesives and then laminating on a new surface. It usually starts with sanding off the top layer of the original laminate surface, which exposes the colour underneath.

Next, a new layer of laminate is applied to the surface and glued to the existing surface using an adhesive. Finally, ABS edging are used to smooth out the edges of the cabinet doors, giving a more refined look. This method of laminate resurfacing is ideal for both residential and commercial properties.

While all of the steps involved in laminate resurfacing sound simple, we suggest you contact a carpenter to find out whether it is possible to re-laminate your existing cabinets. The condition of the substrate aka plywood of your existing furniture plays a huge role in determining the possibility of laminate resurfacing.

How Much Does it Cost to Re-laminate Over Existing Laminated Cabinet?

The cost of resurfacing a laminated cabinet is largely dependent on the size and complexity of the job, which can vary greatly depending on the type of surface.

If it’s just a small area, you may be able to do it yourself, but if it is a large or complex task, then you should hire a professional to do the job.

That said, the costs in laminate resurfacing involves material costs and workmanship. The carpenter has to make a trip down to check on the condition of the existing plywood. They may quote higher or the same as building a new piece of furniture as some carpenters find it a hassle / the process may involve more work.

Where to Get Quality Surface Laminate?

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