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Why Placing Laminates On Walls Is A Good Idea

Featured laminates: WPL2902S (Woodgrain), JA2110T (Black Panels)

Walls give us a sense of boundary and security. Not only that, but it also functions differently according to the building’s purpose. For a house, the walls define the shape while providing support to the floor and roof. It’s also a barrier which protects its residents from Singapore’s extreme weather.

That said, have you ever noticed how your house walls will start deteriorating as time passes? Chances are your walls were built with materials that have gone through the test of time and is finally showing its vulnerability.

You needn’t worry about your walls becoming vulnerable as it’s a natural cycle which gives you the freedom to renovate or redecorate your house. Besides, you’ll be able to create a wall to display your artwork collection, photographs or even figurines. If you’re looking to resurface your walls beautifully, you can never go wrong with laminates.

Why laminates? How does it compare to other resurfacing materials like wallpaper or traditional paint? If you’re curious about how placing laminate sheets on your walls may transform your house’s appearance, read on for a thorough understanding of the benefits.

Variety of selection

Compared to wallpaper and traditional paint, wall laminates are customisable and available in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes. If you’re looking to incorporate natural textures like wood and marble into your home, Jennings offers a wide collection of high pressure laminates which resemble the textures’ original properties.

Additionally, you’ll be able to create a superlative interior without breaking the bank. Here we have a wall feature that uses marble laminates to complement the house’s high ceiling.

Featured laminates: PG2931HG (Marble), JA2110T (TV backdrop)

Low maintenance

Painting your walls or replacing your house’s wallpaper may seem easy but it requires a lot of work and continuous effort to maintain it over the years. These simple solutions are also susceptible to scratches, marks, or dents. If there are any damages to your painted wall or wallpaper, you may have to repaint or replace the entire wallpaper to remove the damage.

Wall laminates, on the other hand, are easier to maintain as they require minimal upkeep. Be sure to dust it regularly and clean with a damp cloth to remove any unwanted stain. That way, you’ll have a wall laminate that not only looks good but also lasts for a long time.

Added durability

In general, your house wall is built with materials that may deteriorate over time, leaving your house looking dull and dingy. Instead of painting your walls or fixing the wallpaper, covering it with laminates will significantly improve its durability as Jennings’ high pressure laminates are highly resistant to daily wear and tear. 

With properties such as resistance to scratch and impact, you needn’t worry about inflicting any damage as the outermost layer will protect the inner layers while maintaining its colour and gloss. High pressure laminates are also resistant to moisture which means bacteria cannot multiply, leaving you with an antibacterial surface.

A staff testing Jennings’ high pressure laminate’s durability

Easy installation

When it comes to transforming your house walls with laminates, the installation is much easier than it looks. Before you paint your house wall, you may need to clean the walls, remove any mildew, scrape off old paint, move your furniture from the wall, cover your floor with some plastic and prime the wall. Sounds like a lot of work? It sure does.

Installing wall laminates, on the other hand, require little effort as the walls will first be lined with some pieces of plywood and the laminates will then be installed on the plywood. Should you intend to redecorate your house, you can remove the wall laminates easily without damaging your wall or leaving any undesirable remnants such as visible adhesives.

Inexpensive transformation

As with any home improvement projects, you may need to fork out a fortune to repair and maintain your house over time. However, installing wall laminates will reduce the need for constant wall repairs and maintenance. Opting to install wall laminates will generally allow you to have an interior that’s created affordablyfor your comfort. Be sure to discuss with your interior designer for an inexpensive wall transformation.

Featured laminates: PJ2321SR (Shelving Door), PJ2261WY (Wooden Shelving), PG2600HG (Marble Backdrop), PQ1070N (Console Top), PQ1067N (Console Drawer)

At Jennings Laminates, we offer a wide selection of laminate sheets, patterned or textured, giving you the real deal at a more affordable price.

View our full catalogue for more options and inspirations for your home!

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