August 16, 2023

Hello Kitty Laminates: Adding Whimsical Charm to Your Space

Featured laminate: Hello Kitty Jewel (KT9933HG/KT9988T)

Most high-pressure laminates (HPL) blend practicality with delightful aesthetics, and Hello Kitty laminates are no exception. These endearing designs can breathe life into your interior décor while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a durable and versatile surfacing material.

Whether you’re a lifelong Hello Kitty enthusiast or simply seeking a touch of playfulness amidst the mundane, these high-pressure decorative laminates will spark joy and inspire your creativity.

Let’s delve into the world of Hello Kitty laminates and learn how they can add a whimsical charm to your living spaces while maintaining the essence of practicality and longevity.

What is Hello Kitty Laminate?


KT Generic(Classic)-bedroom

Featured laminate: Hello Kitty Classic (KT9911HG/KT9966T)

Co-designed by Jennings Laminate and Sanrio, the Hello Kitty laminate collection features a series of Hello Kitty designs digitally printed on high-pressure laminates to allow fans to realise their very own Hello Kitty-themed space.

As each high-pressure laminate in the collection is digitally printed, you get to enjoy the rich colours and sharp details due to the high-resolution printing process. That’s not all; these decorative laminates are available in high gloss and matt finishes.

Benefits of Using Hello Kitty Laminates

1. Durability

Like other high-pressure decorative laminates, Hello Kitty laminates offer exceptional durability. The manufacturing process involves subjecting the materials to high heat and pressure, creating a robust and resilient surface.

As a result, these laminates can withstand scratches, impacts, and minor damages, preserving the charming Hello Kitty patterns for an extended period. This also makes them suitable for use on frequently used surfaces like the vanity or wardrobe.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Hello Kitty laminates are designed to be practical for effortless cleaning and maintenance. The non-porous surface prevents spills, stains, and moisture from seeping into the layers, allowing you to clean easily with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agents.

Whether it’s accidental spills or everyday dirt, maintaining the Hello Kitty patterns on these laminates requires minimal effort. Their low-maintenance quality makes them an ideal choice for busy households where convenience is essential.

3. Versatility

Another key advantage of Hello Kitty laminates is their versatility in design and application. They come in several prints, ranging from playful and cute to sophisticated and stylish. As a result, you can integrate these laminates into diverse spaces.

Beyond furniture and cabinetry, these high-pressure decorative laminates can also be applied to walls, doors, and panels, allowing for your creative expression and the creation of charming Hello Kitty-themed rooms.

Tips to Incorporate Hello Kitty Laminates


Moving on, let’s explore some creative ways to incorporate Hello Kitty laminates into different areas of your space.

1. Bedroom Wall


Featured laminate: Hello Kitty Rose Garden (KT9811HG/KT9866T)

Transform your bedroom into an enchanting sanctuary by applying Hello Kitty laminates to one or more walls. Consider creating a captivating accent wall behind your bed or a featured area of the room, as shown above.

Choose from various Hello Kitty-themed laminate designs, from subtle and elegant patterns to vibrant and playful motifs. If you prefer a bolder statement, choose larger prints of the Hello Kitty pattern to create a focal point that adds charm to the room.

2. Wardrobe



Featured laminate: Hello Kitty Classic (KT9911HG/KT9966T)

Give your wardrobe a delightful makeover by applying Hello Kitty laminates to its doors or panels. This is a fantastic way to infuse personality into your bedroom furniture and make a fashion statement with Hello Kitty’s iconic imagery.

For a cohesive look, consider selecting laminates that complement the colour scheme and style of your existing bedroom décor. You can choose laminates with smaller Hello Kitty motifs for a subtle touch or larger prints to make a bold style statement.

3. Vanity Table


dressing room

Featured laminate: Hello Kitty Jewel (KT9933HG/KT9988T)

Create a charming and delightful vanity space with Hello Kitty laminates on your dressing table. Apply the laminates to the table’s surface or use them to accentuate the drawer fronts and edges.

For a touch of elegance, incorporate some decorative elements like LED lights around the mirror or add a framed Hello Kitty artwork. This will enhance the overall charm and create a personalised space that reflects your love for Hello Kitty in a stylish manner.

By combining your creativity with the versatility of Hello Kitty laminates, you can craft a truly enchanting and unique space that brings joy and delight every time you enter the room.

Where to get Hello Kitty Laminates?

There’s only one laminate supplier in Singapore you should visit to get your hands on these Hello Kitty laminates, Jennings Laminate. You can browse the collection on our website and look through our social media pages to get an idea of your desired laminate.

You can also forward your enquiries and request sample laminates here before making your decision, as our laminates are available in various options. View our full catalogue for more laminate options and inspirations for your space!