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191017-Jennings-019-1 Laminate Cleaning & Care Tips

How To Keep Your Laminates Clean

For many homeowners in Singapore, laminates are increasingly becoming an option to renew the look of their existing furniture on cabinets, shelves, walls and more. If you are considering the idea of laminate sheets in your own home, this will definitely be an article you want to keep reading on. The Why And The How […]

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Refresh The Look Of Your Home Using Laminate Sheets

It can be easy to get tired of your home decor, especially if your interior design is no longer in trend. But rather than replacing or even purchasing more furniture, why not apply laminates instead? To give you some ideas, here are some ways our laminates can be used for that much-needed revamp. Laminates featured: […]

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Jennings-190926-Conception-Studio-008-1 Laminates

The Must-Have Laminates For Light To Dark Kitchen Interiors

While you may have a clear idea of what you want for your living room and bedrooms in your new home, the kitchen is one place that usually takes the backseat in many homeowners’ interior decor decisions. To get you started, a common question people have is “Should I go with a light or dark […]

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