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Increase Productivity In Your Work Space With Laminate Sheets

If you feel low in energy which renders you incapable of getting into the mood to work, your office space might be guilty of that. A room dedicated for work should encourage concentration and no, you would not have to go splurging on other furniture in order to achieve more productive hours. With Jennings, experience […]

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Pair These Laminates With Nature For A Peaceful Home

We all love plants that fill our homes with its lovely scent, the oodles of green bringing life to your abode. But if you do not create spaces dedicated for your indoor greenery, your beautiful blooms will look out of place and all that effort might go to waste. Here is one pairing of decorating […]

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You Are Missing Out On These Industrial Laminates Sheets

For people who wants a weathered and unfinished look in their home, the industrial home design might be one to consider. If you think that there is no other way to make your home more industrial-looking than it already is, you are wrong about that. Laminates can elevate and enhance the scheme of your space. […]

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4 Tips To Using Pattern Laminates In Your Interior Design

Decorating your own apartment can be exciting, but it can be nerve-wracking when you are unsure about what colours to use, what decor pieces to buy. Because of all that, most tend to overlook the fact that their walls remain bare. For starters, consider adding a dose of pattern to your interior scheme and to […]

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Home For CNY With Laminates

Prepare Your Home For CNY With Laminates

After all that organising and spring-cleaning, do you still feel that something is missing when you take a look at your home? Truly, what better time to do some touch-ups to your home than this upcoming Chinese New Year? The festive season gives you a golden opportunity to upgrade your interior concept, to give your […]

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Featured Laminate: JV1102HG

How To Use Laminates To Make A Statement Wall

White walls are a timeless classic but what happens when they suddenly appear austere to you? Your first thought could be painting them but you don’t necessarily have to paint your walls to change its colour. If you are looking for something that is uniquely you, try creating your own laminated feature wall and you […]

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New Year With Laminate Sheets

Start The New Year With Laminate Sheets

Yes, it is finally the start of 2019! If changing up your home decor is up on your new year’s resolutions, consider attaining that with our laminate sheets. With our eclectic range of laminates, there are a myriad of ways that you can use to take you a few steps closer to getting the home […]

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30th Anniversary Celebrations: Laminates specialists, sales executives and logistics team

A Recap On Our 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Merry Christmas to you and your family! While we may be celebrating Christmas, we are also celebrating a very special year for our Jennings family. Being a leading provider of contemporary surfacing solutions for all discerning clients in both residential and commercial spaces, Jennings accounts for a company of highly motivated professionals assembled to best […]

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Laminates For A Cozy Home This Christmas

The Best Laminates For A Cozy Home This Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. While you are planning your budget expenditure for next year, your children are dreaming of having tall brightly-lit Christmas trees and sparkly fairy lights decorated here, there and everywhere. As much as you want to fulfil your children’s dreams, unfortunately in Singapore, the space that we […]

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