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Blank Walls With Laminates - Jennings

4 Tips To Styling Your Blank Walls With Laminates

When you get started on your home design, the first thing that is probably on your mind is to get your essentials settled. But once that is done, what is next? To make your home decor journey exciting, explore your creativity and take it one step further by styling your blank walls with laminate sheets. […]

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Laminates In Muted Colours - Jennings

Discover The Beauty Of Laminates In Muted Colours

When it comes to decorating a space, there are times when bright, vivid colours just do not work out well for you. Muted colours, on the other hand, come with its own benefits in creating an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. It is one of the reasons why these colours are often used in spa interiors. Such […]

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