August 24, 2017

5 fantastic bedrooms that use laminates to create the perfect ambience

Of all the rooms in your home, it is likely the most attention and focus is given to your living room.

After all, it is where the whole family can gather for meals and entertainment and not forgetting a place where you host friends and visitors.

However, we should all pay equal attention to our bedrooms. After a hard day’s work, nothing is better than retreating to a bedroom that relaxes and soothes not just the body but the mind and sense with a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Here are 5 bedrooms that make clever use of laminates that transform your bedroom into a beautiful retreat to unwind your senses at:

1) The contemporary bedroom

A popular look for many bedrooms both in homes and hotels is the modern contemporary that blends different tones that balance each other well. This combination involves the blending of synchronized laminates together with the grey and dark
brown walls of the bedroom. The key aspect of recreating this style is to understand the placement of the laminates with the rest of the room colors.

The synchronized laminate helps create a sense of spaciousness and is neutral to the eyes and should be placed in front of the bed. The solid brown color tones are perfect to add contrast as a backdrop behind your bed while the grey is suitable to line the walls of your corridor.

2. The hip & functional bedroom

Many bedrooms today serve dual functions of being both a room for rest and a study as well.

The unique aspect of the room is the bed’s headrest, table, shelving, TV console and green platform are using the same textured laminate, but in different colors. To further add contrast to the room, the textures chosen were a mixture of gloss and matt.

Have kids? This is one bedroom combination you might want to try out, the brighter colors will be
sure to add a smile to their faces.

3. The one with nature bedroom

While the previous bedroom brought out the greenery in a bedroom, another incredible way to create a stylish bedroom is to cleverly use laminates to integrate your bedroom to your surroundings.

By using darker wooden toned laminate feature walls on both the front and back of the bed, the room begins to take on the appearance of a modern tree-house and despite the modern furniture and carpeting, it becomes one with nature.

4. The warm cozy bedroom

Sometimes having modern furnishings may take away the feeling of a warm and cozy bedroom that helps with unwinding after a long day in the office.

By matching the wooden parquet flooring with bold, big grained with distinctive lines of varying wood shades on the wall feature, together with warm lights, this combination helps bring forth the cozy feeling.

5. The bedroom with a marble feature wall

While feature walls are getting common to spice up a room, marble feature walls takes customisation and sophistication to the next level.

A marble feature wall not only is unique, it adds an element of Greco-Roman luxury to your bedroom. The key in this feature is to create contrast so the marble feature wall ‘pops’ out of the background and truly becomes a work of art by itself. If your feature wall is made out of white marble, layer the background with laminates of a darker shade. If your wall is dark, choose lighter tone laminates instead to truly make your wall stand out.

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