July 2, 2019

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Home With Laminates

As the size of our homes become progressively smaller, we might feel limited in our design choices. As such, we give up aesthetics for functionality and only after some time do we realise that this was not the home we envisioned. But laminates can help you update your home without having to invest in new furniture. Old or new, there is always time to get the best out of your home regardless of how small your space is. Let’s dive in for some inspiration, shall we?

ceiling panel and console table - laminate kitchen cabinetsLaminates featured: SW1022RV (ceiling panel), PK038CT (console table)

Trick The Eye

When working with a small space, there are ways to make it feel roomy. Besides mirrors and metallic surfaces, you can also use light wood shades and colours to help reflect light and create a sense of space. With its natural wood accents, Marmara Maple (SW1022RV) laminates applied on the feature wall contributes to the spacious feel of the living room. Applied on the console table, Gris Glacier (PK038CT) laminates maintains the neutral colour scheme, making it look friendly and inviting. Especially when you have abundant natural light flooding into your home, this extra airy environment will make any guest feel at ease.

cabinet laminate singaporeLaminates featured: PQ2519M (feature wall), PG7667VF (seating)

Get That Study Vibes  

Different rooms serve different purposes, reflected by how they are designed. You can apply laminates to differentiate a space from the rest of the home. Especially if your space is lacking in architectural detail, Grislate (PQ2519M) laminates help to provide a textural element. Borchie Carbon Fabrika (PG7667VF) laminates on the seating area help to anchor the space.

Especially in workspaces, what you need is an environment to get you hunkered down and get some work done. Made up with a combination of laminates, the final result here encourages concentration, yet is cosy enough to cuddle in with a book.

display shelf - laminate kitchen cabinetsLaminates featured: PQ2515M, WPL2897S (display shelf)

In Need Of Attention

It is often the minutiae of your interior that makes the biggest difference. Often the trick is in the little details that you add to a room. These can complete your interior design theme, reflect your aesthetic tastes and really make your abode uniquely yours. Afra (PQ2515M) laminates tones down the overall colour scheme while Grey Sanded Stone (WPL2897S) laminates add an industrial feel, a charming addition that you will never get tired of looking at. These laminates will give you the perfect reason to bring out your decorative pieces and put those beauties on display.

black cabinets - white laminateLaminate featured: RP2192T (cabinets)

Back To Black

If you want to do something about your all-white kitchen, the power of black can instantly give the impact it deserves. Stylish and sultry, an addition of Graphite K (RP2192T) laminates is a go-to classic for a kitchen makeover. The gold outlines on the cabinets and the shiny metallic surface of the fridge complements the deep black shade. This makes a big style statement without visually overloading even the smallest of rooms.

Get The Look

If you like what you see in our inspirations above, drop by our gallery. There are many laminates that can enable you to visualise, and you can even take a few laminate samples back home. When you view it in both natural and artificial light, that will better confirm your choice. We are certain we will help you find your favourite one!

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