November 29, 2019

Our Top 4 Sustainable Design Tips For Your Home Interior

Featured Laminate: PQ8388SY

Many are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of waste on the environment. As such, homeowners these days take a look at how they can increase the sustainability of their homes. If you are starting to wonder what you can do to reduce your home waste, start with the products and materials you use for your home. For new or current apartment owners, read on to see what you can do with the space that you have.

  1. Choose lighter colors: 

The colours you choose can have a dramatic impact on how you feel in the room. With pale colours, they make a great backdrop for a calm, airy space. And coupled with optimal natural lighting, such combinations will contribute to a brighter living space and reduce the need to turn the lights on in the daytime. This way, you will be designing your space for maximum energy efficiency.

  1. Go minimalist: 

If you are afraid of making the wrong colour choice, opting for classics over trends such as a minimalist design aesthetic will suit you. Design-wise, the minimalist approach is pared down and simple, focusing on the practicality and function of the space. In the long run, its timeless appeal is something you will never grow tired of.

Laminates featured:RR23T, PK088CT (feature wall)
  1. Breathe new life into old furniture: 

Rather than going for a fresh coat of paint, opt for laminate sheets that can breathe new life into your pre-loved surfaces instead. Things like your bookshelves and feature wall may look old-fashioned and out of place, but you can still make the most with whatever you have. Some types of paint, however, can be toxic and environmentally unfriendly. This is why as a creative alternative, laminates are not only available in a variety of colours to meet your design preferences but they also come in different designs and patterns. Especially since they are pretty easy to maintain, you can be rest assured that your laminates will stay sturdy and beautiful for years.

  1. But most importantly, take your time. 

When you are in a rush to complete the design of your abode, you may make careless decisions and wonder why you got it in the first place. Are you getting this based on what is trending? Will it lose favour in a couple of years’ time? With these questions in mind, consider your options again based on your wants and needs. Momentary purchases may end up in your trash in the near future so try not to speed through your decision process. Do it slowly and carefully for the best results.

We hope that these tips have helped you understand what you can integrate into your space. Whether it is a brand new design project or a home makeover, Mother Nature will thank you when you start building towards a more sustainable interior design. As a starter, get in touch with us today!

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