February 27, 2018

Revamping Your Interior For Chinese New Year

Isn’t it great to be in a new environment this Chinese New Year? Cleaning is part of this festive tradition. But you can take it up a notch by using laminates to revamp the look of your house.

Laminates create a distinctive feeling inside your room especially if bold colors are used. So, how can you use laminates to give a great look to your home? Let’s start with the living room.

The Living Room

In the example below, a white-themed living room is accented with a burgundy glossy laminate that gives an authoritative edge to the soft white colors of the area. With a color similar to Chinese New Year’s red theme, burgundy provides a “good luck” feeling to your favorite residential spot.

Burgundy - laminate wood planks singapore
ASG2158HG (Burgundy Glossy)
PG2601HG (Marble Glossy)

A marble glossy laminate was also used in the living room to bring out the strength of the burgundy glossy laminate. The marble laminate is a great way to bring sophistication to a white-colored room as it gives a luxurious look to your area. When combined in a neutral-colored room, burgundy and marble creates a sophisticated appeal.

The Study Room

If your living room is not enough, you can opt to revamp your study room this Chinese New Year. Our first design injects bold colors to make your room more lively. The orange matt laminate gives a feeling of energy similar to the strong aura you experience during Chinese New Year. The dark wood matt gives a sophisticated feel to the orange matt laminate providing balance within the room.

orange matt - laminate wood planks singapore
RR2290T (Orange Matt)
PG1931T (Dark Wood Matt)

Another study room design we have created for your Chinese New Year revamp uses red laminate combined with industrial light matt to bring out the boldness of spirit during this festivity. Red symbolizes both good luck bringing out the good fortune while working on the tasks you have to accomplish.

red - laminate wood planks singapore
RP2135T (Red)
WPL2801ST (Industrial Light Matt)

Both orange matt and red laminates accents the study room in the two pics shown above. This will certainly give you the feeling of spirit and energy to work on your particular tasks. Wouldn’t you love it when your room is designed in a way that gives you the energy you need?

The Kitchen

Wouldn’t it be great if you can also bring out the sense of satisfaction in your kitchen? This is the place where you create good food for you to sustain your daily activities and it will definitely need a retouch this Chinese New Year.

A yellow matt laminate is used to accent the entire kitchen. In Chinese culture, yellow is a prestigious color used with red in place of gold. To symbolize luxury and prestige inside your home, you can use yellow matt laminates that give color to the kitchen.

Yellow matt - laminate wood planks singapore
RP2152T (Yellow Matt), RP2109T (White Matt), CPB1202T (Wood Design Tabletop)

Aside from yellow, white matt laminates are used to provide a sense of tranquility within the room. Although the kitchen is one of the busiest places within the house, white colors gives the person inside the room a peace of mind. The wood-designed tabletops combines perfectly with the white and yellow laminates providing a refined view of the entire area.

The Bedroom

Your place of peace and quiet–the bedroom–can be redesigned to give you a look that you will surely love.

In our design shown below, fuchsia matt laminates were used to provide a vivid, purplish color to the entire room. This shade of pink and purple will brighten up your mood during the day. You can wake up with a highly energized feeling as you see the colors infused within your bed.

Fuchsia pink - laminate wood planks singapore
RR2270T (Fuchsia Matt), WPL2669ST (Wood Matt)

The wood matt laminate lining helps you relax more as you view the sight from your window. Overall, when both fuchsia matt and wood matt are combined in a bedroom, you are surely satisfied within your place of peace and rest.

In Conclusion

Laminates can be used to inject colors and liveliness into a room. It can also be used to create neutrality and balance in a particular area. Plus, laminates can be located in various spots within a particular room to bring out a particular mood.

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