June 22, 2017

The best way to select the laminate sheets you love while avoiding any mistakes

Selecting the right laminate sheet can be a daunting task.

Whether you are an interior designer choosing the perfect laminate for a development or a home owner selecting the best laminate to suit your lifestyle needs, the way to select your laminate is often overlooked.

If you read our previous article, “How to mix and match laminates to make an impact”, we touched on how to match patterns alongside with solid colours, adding distinctive patterns and balancing harsh industrial elements with warm tones and finishes.

While selecting the type and design of the laminate is key, the way you go about it is equally as important!

Choosing the wrong laminates will not only take away from the intended ambience of your home design but also incur additional cost and time should you decide to replace it with another selection.

Many of us base our decisions on the small laminate chips in catalogues and online galleries. However, these avenues do not give us a full representation of how it will look in real life. While the catalogue also allows you to quickly compare your favourite selections against the other laminates, it shouldn’t be the final decision maker.

The best way is to be in front of the actual laminate itself at our gallery.

Here are 3 key reasons why you should come down to our gallery before you make that final confirmation on your laminate selection.

1. See the full pattern of the laminate

While you can feel some of the texture of the laminate chip in the catalogue, the sizes there are far to small to appreciate and view the full pattern of the laminate that will go up in your showroom or home.

A laminate chip might measure just 6cm by 3cm, while the actual sheet is 1.2 by 2.4 metres long. By viewing the actual sheet itself, you can fully preview the patterns of the laminate to ensure your selection is the best choice to fit your abode.

2. Discover the right color tone in the gallery

While you might be tempted to base your decision on our online gallery, it should be used as a reference point and not the decision maker! This is because our monitors display the colours differently compared to the actual product that gets delivered to your home. 

When viewing the actual laminate sheet at our gallery, you get to discover how the sheet interacts with light, both natural and artificial.

This helps to plan the right location to place these laminates, from the sunlight enveloping your living room to your bedroom under warm amber lighting.

3. Feel the texture of the full laminate sheet

While viewing the selections on our virtual gallery or catalogue might be convenient, it takes away from the full sensory experience of running your hands through the sheet itself.

Each of our laminates has their own signature texture and feel to it. While some are uniformly corrugated from top to bottom, other premium selections are synchronized to the grain of the wood.

 Nothing is better than running your hand through the laminate sheet in front of you to fully experience the texture of the full sheet to determine if it fits the theme of your design.

Visit ourlaminates gallery to accurately select the best laminates you need

While we are proud of our virtual gallery and collection catalogues, the ideal way to select your laminates is to visit our gallery in person. 

Come down or book an appointment with us and view our full collection in person!

Take the opportunity to feel the texture, see the full patterns and view the colours of the laminates under different lightings. Discover interesting arrays and applications of our laminates. From modern ceiling art to intricate patterned walls, get spoiled for choice and inspired with ideas to spruce up your living space!

Once you have shortlisted your choice of laminates, we will provide A4 samples for you to bring home – in case you need more time to decide.

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