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Wood laminates

How to choose the right laminates for your home

The choices are endless and it’s all about looks, looks, looks right? Well, not really. Take a moment to consider one important question before making your final decision. How much use (and abuse) is that laminate expected to withstand from not just you and other inhabitants but possibly a string of visitors such as oily […]

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Synchronized Laminates

Discover dramatic realism with Jennings synchronized laminates

Textured laminates are becoming increasing popular for turning an average abode into a fabulous living space with class and style. Increasingly more trendy, textured and embossed laminates can add a layer of sophistication to any design theme. So what is embossing? It is a kind of texturing on the surface. At Jennings, our range of synchronized […]

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Selecting the right laminate sheet

The best way to select the laminate sheets you love while avoiding any mistakes

Selecting the right laminate sheet can be a daunting task. Whether you are an interior designer choosing the perfect laminate for a development or a home owner selecting the best laminate to suit your lifestyle needs, the way to select your laminate is often overlooked. If you read our previous article, “How to mix and […]

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Choose eco-friendly laminates for a healthier home

Creating an eco-friendly home (or any indoor space) benefits not only the environment but also the people living or working in it. Often people assume that to do so requires more effort and money but the truth is creating or working towards an eco-friendly indoor environment is easier than we think. Just as many homeowners […]

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Samples of our laminates

How to mix and match laminates to make an impact (Part 2)

One of the golden rules of interior design is that everything need not match to a tee. The use of different textures, patterns and colours adds depth and dimension to create visual interest. A solid colour can be matched with a contrasting colour or patterns such as wood grain or marble. While mixing and matching […]

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Simple pattern to a solid colour

How to mix and match laminates to make an impact (Part 1)

Have you walked into a room, looked around and looked around some more because it looked dull and flat? Mixing different colours, textures and patterns is essential to break the monotony and add visual interest to each room. Using similar colours, or patterns can sometimes result in a uniform, bland look, so don’t be afraid […]

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CompacTable by Jennings

Introducing Europe’s finest with our new CompacTable by Jennings!

From ancient Roman architecture to fierce fashionitas strutting down the street looking like runway models, Europe has long been the benchmark for all things bold and beautiful. And they surely don’t disappoint when it comes to interior design. Introducing Jennings’ latest range of innovative panel solution, CompacTable, to grace our catalogue. Bringing the best of […]

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High Wear Resistance (HWR) Laminates

Introducing Jennings’ High Wear Resistance (HWR) Laminates! (Watch video)

Designed to be highly durable and easy to maintain, Jennings High Wear Resistance (HWR) laminates have the natural good looks of timber minus the maintenance and high cost that go along with it. While early laminates are known to look or feel plastic-y, the new generation of laminates have a better feel, they are more visually […]

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Picking the perfect laminate for your dream home

5 Laminate Colour Combinations That ANY Interior Designer Will Approve Of (Part 2)

Picking the perfect laminate for your dream home can prove to be a daunting task, especially when there are countless options and combinations to choose from. Just from our 2016 / 2017 Selections catalogue alone, we already offer over 500 laminates of different colours, textures and styles, that—for a first-time homeowner—can be quite an overload of choices […]

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