April 30, 2019

Be In The Perfect Mood To Cook With These Laminate Sheets

If you are starting to get tired of the look of your kitchen, it is not surprising when you don’t feel as excited to prepare meals, especially if you are usually the cook of your household. To simulate the right mood for you and your family, it might just be time to refresh the look of this space for that extra boost of energy. After all, “the kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” Yet, rather than cashing in your life savings in buying new furniture, breathe new life into the kitchen with laminate sheets instead. Continue scrolling to find out more!

top and bottom cabinets - laminate door singaporeLaminate featured: ASG2112HG (top cabinets), WP2727T (bottom cabinets)

Eggs-quisite In White

In the kitchen, there’s nothing better than white if you are all about having a clean & modern look. Clad on the upper cabinets are Ice White (ASG2112HG) laminates. Especially since the kitchen is positioned right next to the windows, opting for white will make the room look larger and brighter. Complementing them are Bianco Nero (WP2727T) laminates on the bottom cabinets. If you like the idea of bringing the outside in but earthy colours are not for you, these straight wood laminates are meant for you. This seamless combination of these two elements lets you update your kitchen with a stylish yet homely appearance.

cabinets - cabinet laminate singaporeLaminate featured: PJ2257WY (cabinets)

Like This A Latte

While darker colours would erase boundaries, lighter colours are great to use if you want to add emphasis to the architecture of your space. Incorporated into this space are New Bisque Vintage Wood (PJ2257WY) laminates for a down-to-earth feel. Casual and relaxed, these wood grain laminates creates a myriad of possibilities to design your home. You can easily change up the look by arranging your kitchenware differently.

top and bottom cabinets - cabinet laminate singaporeLaminates featured: WP8885SM (top cabinets), WP8853MT (bottom cabinets)

Dine And Dusted

But if you are ready to break away from the classic white kitchen, you can use brown on a larger scale to match that of your existing flooring. For a cozy and comforting look, there are an array of shades and tones you can choose such as Smoked Ash Yoko (WP8853MT) and Horizontal Oak (WP8885SM) laminates. Here, these laminates add a subtle rustic flair while still looking modern, tastefully integrating the colours of espresso and oatmeal into the space. The overhead lighting contributes to the warmth of these neutral tones, bound to invite your guests in. Expect them to come in anyway whenever there is a savoury aroma of good food wafting out of this welcoming kitchen.

asdf - cabinet laminate singaporeLaminates featured: PK088CT, PQ1377LT (cabinets)

Berry Beautiful

As red is the colour of excitement, it can give off a stimulating and striking ambience wherever it is implemented. Here, Burgundy (PQ1377LT) laminates are used selectively around the space, spicing up the look of the room.

But red can be an overwhelming colour on its own, which is why pairing Nero laminates (PK088CT) with these cherry-coloured doses will do just the job! Surrounding the rest of the interior, Nero laminates are also best suited for kitchen applications as they are part of our clean touch premium laminate collection. The mixture of these two laminates gives off a strong and bold look, oozing such confidence worth envying.

It’s A Date

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home, which is why beyond its practical function, you can definitely take pleasure in decorating this part of the house, especially if you are the one who enjoys home-cooked food. Our laminate sheets in Singapore offers you a resourceful option to get the look for less, so hop on over to our laminate gallery to create the right look for your kitchen today.

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