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New Year With Laminate Sheets

Start The New Year With Laminate Sheets

Yes, it is finally the start of 2019! If changing up your home decor is up on your new year’s resolutions, consider attaining that with our laminate sheets. With our eclectic range of laminates, there are a myriad of ways that you can use to take you a few steps closer to getting the home […]

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30th Anniversary Celebrations: Laminates specialists, sales executives and logistics team

A Recap On Our 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Merry Christmas to you and your family! While we may be celebrating Christmas, we are also celebrating a very special year for our Jennings family. Being a leading provider of contemporary surfacing solutions for all discerning clients in both residential and commercial spaces, Jennings accounts for a company of highly motivated professionals assembled to best […]

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Laminates For A Cozy Home This Christmas

The Best Laminates For A Cozy Home This Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. While you are planning your budget expenditure for next year, your children are dreaming of having tall brightly-lit Christmas trees and sparkly fairy lights decorated here, there and everywhere. As much as you want to fulfil your children’s dreams, unfortunately in Singapore, the space that we […]

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Laminate sheets in the common places

Places You’ll Never Realise Looks Good In Laminates Unless You Try

Other than applying laminate sheets in the common places such as your living room and bedroom, have you thought of trying it out in your toilet or on smaller storage spaces to make them into focal points in your space? You will be amazed at how beautiful they look that you will wonder why you […]

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Timeless Laminates Worth Investing In

Marble: The Most Timeless Laminates Worth Investing In

An epitome of luxury and glamour, marble is such a timeless element in home decor. And Jennings has this classic design on laminate sheets. If you are thinking of incorporating the marble aesthetic into your home, where do you dream of installing these marble laminates on? Will it be a lovely backdrop for your living […]

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Laminates in your Home

5 Ways to Use Laminates in your Home

High Pressure Laminates (HPLs) are highly-durable, decorative surfaces that you should be considering for your next renovation or home project. Besides the obvious benefits of durability, HPLs are known to be extremely versatile in their use. HPLs can be applied and used to fabricate feature walls, cabinets, bed platforms, tables, open shelvings, TV consoles, daybed […]

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Home With Wood Grain Laminates

4 Ways To Make Yourself At Home With Wood Grain Laminates

There’s no place like home, and what better way to make it feel even cozier than with wood? Jennings wood grain laminates can be the alternative to real wood on surfaces and cupboards to achieve a cottage-like setting, for example. For people who simply adore the organic style of wood, this is the sort of […]

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Unique Dynamic Looks You Can Achieve With Laminates

Here’s How You Can Find The Perfect Laminate At Jennings

We know how easy it is to follow the instinct of buying something immediately once you see something beautiful online. Many of our customers have said that the laminate design they chose somehow looks different when installed on an actual piece of furniture. Why is that so? The laminate chips in the catalog are cut […]

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Zoe Raymond’s First Visit To Jennings Laminate Gallery

Zoe Raymond’s First Visit To Jennings Laminate Gallery

Last month, we reached out to Zoe and her husband, Alvin, and they recently paid a visit to our newly revamped gallery at Defu Lane.   Other than doing research and deciding on a few designs from our website, we always recommend visiting our gallery as it is best to see the laminates in real […]

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