November 1, 2018

The Look Of Laminates Under Different Lightings

Finding the right lights is hard, but finding the right decor that would look good under your chosen lighting is even harder. The wrong decor can make the entire living space look off, thus it is extremely important to know if your laminate sheets would match your lighting, be it cool or warm. Depending on the mood you want to convey in each room, here are some design inspirations that you can take from to get the best and right laminate type.

Warm Earthy Tones

The Gemlik (WP2994) laminate adds emphasis to the downward glow of the warm accent lights. The vertical lines from the laminate also help to elongate the room. Even in the office, the earthy tones emulates warmth, almost making you feel like you are at home. Infuse some greenery with some potted plants for a more natural effect. Whether you need to relax and unwind or concentrate on specific tasks, this is the kind of ambiance that suits both. Here’s to cleaner breathing air in your office.

Light Golden Hues

This is similar to the previous design, but this one has a golden hue to it because of the softer Cammeo Ambassador Wood (PJ2245WY) laminate. The laminate makes the room feel bright and sunny under the lighting, almost having a glowy sheen to it. Helping to liven up the space, this is an easy upgrade if you are in need of a revamp. Together, this adds instant glam to the entire space, and will definitely catch the eye of anyone in the room.

Bold Captivating White

It is clear that our white laminates dominates this place. Especially under the cool white lighting, it makes a bold, captivating look. As it is, such lighting improves concentration and helps one be more alert in completing work. With White Chiffon (P8100HG) laminates filling up the space, this becomes an interior design that really demands attention and encourages productivity.

The Yildiz Entegre Real Teak (WPL2669ST) and Black Hair Line (M141T) balances it out, and being more noticeable, it will certainly draw the eye to the centre of the room.

the-look-of-laminates-under-different-lightings #PQ1074N

Featured laminates: PQ1074N (storage spaces)

Sleek Warm Styles

This is another example of the use of cool white lighting. But if you are the type that can’t embrace the all-white interior, you can opt for wood laminates in Singapore that would automatically add warmth to the room. This time around, dark Saratoga Brown (PQ1074N) laminates are used on the kitchen cabinets. Breezy white walls span across the kitchen, which is why the cabinets give a bold contrast to the whole look. It also helps that it matches with the other varying wooden shades on the dining table and chairs.

The Laminate For Your Lighting

Whatever the lighting, the laminate that you choose has a huge impact on how you want your overall home to look and will reflect your personality. And the good news is, Jennings has a range of designs to choose from that will suit you perfectly. You can always drop by our laminate gallery in search for the laminate for your lighting, the laminate for you.

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